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Wildlife Water Drinkers
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Guzzler Product Review
We take a look at the most widely used wildlife guzzlers used in CRP and general habitat programs.  Rainmaker Guzzlers produces two 500 gallon systems are made of tough, molded polyethylene. They are affordable, freeze tollerant and easy to transport and install. Rainmaker's Full-Ramp model is well suited for upland birds and the Dome-Top model serves as a multi use deer/upland bird combination. More about guzzler models ......

Guzzlers are storage tanks that are spacifically designed to collect rain water and make it available to animials in dry regions of the country. These supplementry water drinkers can be escecially useful during the dry summer months when water is sparse and can possibly cause animals to migrate out of an area.

Guzzlers have a long history being used by a variety of wildlife from small critters to pheasant, deer and big horn sheep. Through out the years, thousands of guzzlers have been installed by individual land owners, government agencies, land trusts and conservation districts. The result is a network of watering holes that are used by wildlife across the rural and remote western states. 

We hope the information on this site will answer some of your questions on the effective use of wildlife water guzzlers in your particular area.
Roofs and Aprons Maximize Rain Collection
To maximize rain collection in the dry months, consider adding or expanding the collection apron's total surface area. Collection roofs are easy to build, provide cover for small animals and reduce the evaporation of water.  Then, when it finally does rain, you're gathering as much water as possible. Roof plans For more information .....

Guidelines for Watering Facilities
Guzzlers are often installed as part of a cost sharing or grant based habitat program.  The most wildly used program is the Conservation Restoration Program (CRP) offered by the NRCS. The guzzler you choose will need to comply with government guidelines for Wildlife Watering Facilities. Guidelines for gallon capacity and minimum size of the collection area can vary from state to state. For more information .......
Guzzler System Size
On average, deer require 1-2 gallons a day and a flock of pheasant 2-5 gallons/day.   The species and number of animals using the guzzler should be estimated, along with an assessment of nearby sources of food, water and cover. More information .......    

Using a Wildlife Guzzler
State and federal agencies such as NRCS, FSA, Fish & Wildlife, BLM and Forrest Service can provide good information on available habitat programs that could help you cost share your guzzler.  More Information ........
Updated 5-25-2012
Photos of Animals That Utilize Guzzlers
If you make water available, you can expect a variety of animals to frequent the water hole.  Here are some photos of a few visitors you might find ........